'Britain's Most Feckless Father' Wants Bigger House From The Local Government

| by Jared Keever

A British man who has fathered 26 children stands to be awarded about $1,600 in added benefits because his local government, or council, cannot find him a big enough home. 

The Local Government Ombudsman ruled earlier this year that the council failed Peter Rolfe when it was unable to find him a home larger than the three-bedroom house in which he is currently living.

Metro reports Rolfe is already receiving over $52,000 in government aid in the form of "child tax credits, family allowance, disability benefits, housing benefits and a state pension," according to The Daily Mail. 

The ombudsman ruled Rolfe is entitled to the additional money, but the expenditure must be approved by the council.

The 64-year-old, who says he suffers from arthritis and diabetes, currently lives with seven of his children in the small home in Newport on the Isle of Wight. 

He wants a six-bedroom home, but the council says it doesn’t own a house that big.

“The council is not doing enough to find us another house, even though the ombudsman said it was in the wrong,” he told the Daily Mail. “We have been waiting years for a bigger house. I'll be dead before they even think about giving me one.”

Rolfe is something of a celebrity in his local neighborhood. He has been dubbed “Britain's most feckless father” by tabloids and has been featured on British television shows that highlighted his family and large income from government programs. 

He is unmarried and said to have fathered the 26 children with 15 different women. 

“I made some mistakes when I was younger but now I’ll do anything to make my kids happy,” he told the Daily Mail in March.

At one time it was reported that none of his children, who range in age from three to 40, were employed. 

He claims he no longer has contact with some of his older children.

Rolfe defends his lifestyle and claims some people even ask him for his autograph as he walks down the street. 

“Some people slag me off for claiming benefits but I am not on the dole. I am a pensioner,” he said. “Most of the country are on benefits.”

The Daily Mirror reports that local council member Gordon Kendall accused Rolfe of “operating the system to his own advantage.” 

But Rolfe maintains he is just doing what is right for his children.

“I don’t care about the money, it is about the children and their human right to live,” he said. “It’s an ongoing injustice but I will never give up on my children.”

The council, which had already approved a roughly $400 expenditure for Rolfe, said it expects to render a decision on the $1,600 payment “in the near future.” 

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Photo Source: YouTube: Benefits Britain, Channel Five