British Columbia Family Woken By Bear In The Kitchen

| by Jordan Smith

A British Columbia family had a narrow escape when they awoke early one morning recently to find an unexpected intruder in their kitchen.

Niki Traverse described how it was her dog, a Jack Russell called Sid, who first spotted the large grizzly bear in the kitchen.

“My dog was at our bedroom door going crazy, losing his mind. I’ve never heard him bark like that,” Traverse said, according to CBC.

Traverse went to investigate, and caught sight of the outline of the bear as she entered the kitchen.

“It started eating cat food and dog food, didn’t even touch the garbage,” Traverse added.

Mark, Niki’s husband, is a hunter and keeps a rifle in their bedroom. So she quietly returned to let him know what she had seen.

“I went to the kitchen, turned the light on and where the bear was, he came at me and I took a shot,” Mark recalled.

“By the time I reloaded the gun, he took a step more towards me, and I took another shot and he hit the floor, and he was still moving, so put another one in him and that was the end of him,” he added.

Throughout the entire incident, Mark and Niki’s 13-year-old son was fast asleep in the next room.

Grizzly bears don’t usually break in to homes. According to CBC, it is the smaller black bears which are more likely to do so.

But conservation officers who examined the dead animal determined that this was a 15-year-old male who was malnourished, suggesting he was desperately looking for food.

He got in to the home because the family had left their window open due to the hot weather. Niki and Mark reassured reporters that they will not be leaving their windows open overnight again.

“I just freaking lost it,” Niki said, recalling her feelings when she sighted the bear. “I was so scared. I don’t eat the meat, but thank god I’m married to a hunter.”

*Graphic image of the bear ahead. Viewer discretion advised.*

Sources: IJReview, CBC/ photo credit: CBC