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Dog Breeder Convicted After Startling Abuse Discovered (Photos)

| by Erik Kindel

Todd Baker, 41, a former dog breeder, has been convicted of 15 counts of animal cruelty after his home was found littered with dead and traumatized animals.

In all, 18 dogs were found with painful medical conditions, five dogs were found dead in freezers, one was found burnt in a pit, and many others were found without shelter or water.

Baker was fined more than $80,000 and prohibited from owning any animal for 10 years.

During a March 2016 inspection of Baker's breeding property, the RSPCA found 18 dogs suffering from potentially life-threatening ailments, as well as deplorable conditions suggesting further animal abuse.

In one kennel, officials found a large amount of dried blood and a pool of bodily fluids that smelled strongly of decomposition "consistent with that of a deceased animal being previously present for a long period of time."

Baker said many of the deceased dogs had been killed by other dogs on the property or by old age, but Baker also admitted that none of his animals had been attended by a veterinarian. The dead animals were supposed to be cremated by a licensed company, but Baker admitted to burning some after his freezer filled up.

"Every single dog had serious health problems -- some of them truly grotesque and heartbreaking," said RSPCA Inspector James Arentz, according to Perth Now. "The mind boggles how someone that has a history of breeding for profit could let so many dogs get in such horrendous conditions."

Many of the live dogs were found flea-ridden, dehydrated and malnourished, with injuries such as ulcerated paw pads, severe osteoarthritis and lacerations.

The concrete floors of their kennels were found covered with feces and urine, and one of the animals was found to have burnt testicles, consistent with prolonged contact with hot concrete.

The RSCPA reported that in addition to the terrible living conditions, Baker was also hostile and aggressive toward their agents throughout the inspection, including a direct confrontation with officers and staff at the shelter.

The remaining dogs have been seized, rehabilitated, and rehomed following extensive veterinary work. The dogs received dental work, fluid therapy, and had their wounds cleaned and treated.

Sources: Daily Mail, Perth Now / Photo credit: RSPCA via Daily Mail

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