Body Builder Greg Plitt Was Trying To Outrun Oncoming Train When Killed

| by Emily Smith

Bodybuilding model Greg Plitt was allegedly trying to outrun a train during a sports advertising video when he was killed by the vehicle.

Plitt, one of the most recognizable faces in the fitness industry, was filming a video in Los Angeles for his website when the train hit him on Saturday. The body builder was with two crew members on the Metrolink commuter train rail in Burbank when he was killed.

On Monday, police reported that he was attempting to outrun an oncoming train. According to the film crew, Plitt under-assessed the situation and tripped before the train hit him.

“He wanted to push things to the limit,” Christina Stejskal, Plitt’s girlfriend, said. “Just trying to get the best shot.”

Metrolink officials noted that Plitt and his crew didn’t have permission to be on the commuter rail and that there is a process for obtaining a permit.

“We have a whole process for people to go through if they want to be on our right-of-way, especially for film crews,” Jeff Lustgarten, a Metrolink spokesperson, said.

A previous video of the bodybuilder featured him doing push-ups on the tracks as a train passed by on a second track. Although the Los Angeles-region commuter train tries to warn those who post videos or photos of themselves on the tracks from repeating a visit, Metrolink spokesperson Scott Johnson said he wasn’t sure if Plitt had been previously contacted.

According to Burbank police Sgt. Scott Meadows, Plitt may have believed that the train was on a nearby, parallel track. However, according to witnesses, Plitt continued to stand on the tracks even after the train’s horn was blaring.

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