Body Of 47-Year-Old Man Found In His Home Three Years After His Mother's Body Was Found

| by Dominic Kelly

Police were shocked to discover the decomposing body of a mentally challenged man just three years after they discovered the body of his mother in the same home.

The body of 47-year-old Ronald Opilka was discovered on Tuesday after neighbors complained of a foul odor coming from the home. Kathy Cooke, one of the neighbors who noticed the smell, said that she hadn’t seen Opilka for weeks and knew that he hadn’t handled his mother’s 2011 death well. Opilka’s mother Cecylia was found dead in the same home three years ago, and at the time, Opilka failed to inform authorities that the 80-year-old had died of natural causes because he couldn’t deal with her death.

“They were always together,” Cooke said. “He took care of her when she was very sick and he didn’t accept her death. I’d say ‘How’s your mom doing, Ronny?’ and he’d say ‘She’s doing fine, but she’s not getting out any more.’ But she was dead in there and he just didn’t want to part with her.”

Reports say that those who knew Opilka and his mother described them as hoarders. It’s not yet clear how the 47-year-old died.

Sources: Twin Cities, Chicago Sun Times