Bitcoin-Based Crowdfunding Website Raised $125,000 As Bounty To Assassinate Public Figure

| by Khier Casino

A total of $125,000 was donated to a website offering “Anonymous, safe, secure, crowdfunded assassinations.”

According to, the website, called the Assassination Market, allows users to crowdfund assassinations through virtual bitcoins, with public figures such as President Barack Obama making it on the list.

A Digital Citizens report did not reveal the name of the person with the $125,000 bounty on their head, but it is thought to be Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve.

The website is run by someone calling themselves Kuwabatake Sanjuro who says he or she is motivated by “a deep-rooted hate against oppressive regimes.”

The person added: “Once you're on the list you're on it until you die.”

Sanjuro has decided to only accept bitcoins to protect the identity of crowdfunders and assassins through their financial transactions.

Sanjuro told Forbes in an interview that the Assassination Market asks its killers to create a text file with the date of the death ahead of time, then embeds that data in a donation of one bitcoin or more to the victim's bounty.

However, Silk Road is described by the DCA as the “largest, most sophisticated criminal enterprise the Internet has ever seen,” as it lets people purchase and sell illegal items such as class A drugs, deadly weapons and hacking services.