Belgian Man Who Went on Rampage Gets Bail on Condition He Doesn’t Drink Red Bull Again

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A 56-year-old slaughterhouse worker in Belgium was charged for assault after he went berserk with two knives, a starting pistol and a lead pipe. He was granted bail by a court in Bruges on the condition that he not drink any more Red Bull.

The man’s attorney, Mathieu Langerock, said his client forgot to take his tranquilizers before consuming the energy drink.

"That was the reason why he became so worked up," said Langerock said.

After downing a few cans of Red Bull, the man allegedly banged on the door of his former boss, who refused to open it. Then he got into a car accident. He ended up beating the other driver up and injuring two police officers who tried to arrest him. They were later treated at a hospital.

The man spent two months in pre-trial custody before appearing in court to ask for bail.

“I think the decision to ban him from this particular drink is remarkable because the judge didn't say anything about not consuming alcohol,” Langerock said.

“The ban will remain in force until the trial.”

A spokesman for Redbull said: "The drink can be bought in 164 countries and all health organisations agree that it can be consumed in complete safety."

Source: Daily Mail