Student Sexts Her Father By Mistake, Drama Unfolds On Twitter

| by Khier Casino

A college student has experienced one of the perils of texting on a phone — she accidentally sent a message to the wrong person.

Nyjah, who goes by the Twitter handle @dearfashionn, gained thousands of followers Tuesday night after she accidentally sent her father a nude photo and live-tweeted the whole thing.

According to, the photo was meant for her boyfriend Dacquan but instead she clicked Daddy.

Nyjah turned to Twitter to ask if it was possible to delete a text:

She then tweeted iPhone screen grabs of the conversation she allegedly had with her dad.

Nyjah also posted videos on Instagram of her father pulling up to her house and scolding her while she was locked in the bathroom:

It’s possible that the horrific scenario was staged to get more Twitter followers, but she claims it’s real.

Either way, one important lesson to take away from this whole situation is that before sending a message to anyone, think before you hit “send.”

Sources: BuzzFeed, The Mirror, Twitter