Woman Still Happily Married To Pet Cats After 10 Years

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

The cat-lady stereotype is often used to characterize women who turn to the company of felines after struggling with romantic relationships. However, Barbarella Buchner, 48, wouldn’t have it any other way.

For the last 10 years, Bruchner, a web designer living on the island of Lanzarote, Spain, has been married to her two cats, Spider and Lugosi. Using the website, she bought a marriage certificate.

“When I came across the ... website, I screamed: 'Have my money and send me a certificate of our marriage!'” she told the Daily Mail.

Bruchner, who decided to marry her cats after the dissolution of a seven-year relationship, said she’s much happier with her cats.

“After my human boyfriend had left, Spider and Lugosi were still there for me, helping me get through the separation anxieties and feelings of sadness,” she said. “I have loved and lived with a couple of partners before but I realized that my love for my fur babies is so much deeper than anything I have felt for a human.”

Bruchner said she’s always had pet cats and has a tattoo to commemorate her marriage on her ankle. She also doesn’t want to get married to anyone else cat or human.

“I have never been one to care about what people say or think anyway, especially when it has anything to [do with] my cats and the unusual relationship I have with them,” she said. “Obviously I don't have sex with my cats. It's just pure, spiritual, unconditional love on both sides, as simple as that. As long as I'm happy with it, I don't care.”

After celebrating a decade of marriage with her cats, Burchner has no complaints.

“There is nothing perverse or disgusting about my union with my cats,” she said. “Lugosi and Spider have been my constant companions for 14 years, making it the longest relationship I have ever had with anyone.

“It's like gay or polyamorous marriage. As long as they're happy, why should anybody criticise them?”

Sources: Daily Mail / Image via Daily Mail