Transgender Ken Doll Birthday Cake Incites Backlash (Photo)

| by Sarah Zimmerman

A Sacramento bakery was the source of online controversy after it posted a picture of a specialty cake depicting a Ken doll in a dress.

Freeport Bakery put a twist on the classic Barbie doll cake, putting Ken in a tiara and a pink princess dress, WXMI reports.

The cake was ordered for a member of a dice club group. The intended recipient is not transgender and the cake was not meant to make a statement. 

When the request for a transgender Ken doll cake came in, bakery co-owner Marlene Goetzeler was not at all fazed. "It wasn't that unusual, we do doll cakes all the time," reports WXMI. "Naively, I guess I just thought this is a really cool cake, and look at how great they did with the butter cream. What's wrong with a Ken cake?"

Goetzeler decided to put a picture of the finished product online with the caption, "Ken's looking good." 

Internet users, however, seemed to disagree. The picture led to a heated online debate and Goetzeler claims that she lost a number of followers.

"I started getting some negative comments ... Then a couple days later I noticed there was a big [spike] in unlikes. I was kind of surprised,” she said.

Almost all of the negative comments have been deleted because the bakery "didn't want drama on our Facebook page," according to a comment. But hundreds of people stand by the cake, and what it represents for the LGBT community.

"Thanks for supporting the community! Stand up job!" reads one comment.

Chad Graham, who attended the party where the cake was actually served, said it was a huge hit. But, he was surprised at the amount of backlash it received online. 

"I thought it was a little ridiculous. It was just cake,” said Graham.

Goetzeler, although initially daunted by the amount of hate the post received, refuses to take the picture down from her page because she wants to make a statement. 

"In the beginning, I thought, 'What's the big deal?' but now I realize how important it is to take a stand if you believe in something,” she said, according to WXMI

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