Arizona Court Allows Transgender Man To Divorce Wife In "Benchmark Case"

| by Amanda Schallert

An Arizona appeals court confirmed a transgender man’s right to divorce his wife of more than 10 years on Wednesday.

The Arizona Court of Appeals rejected a lower family court’s decision when it chose to allow the divorce, according to The Inquisitr.

The couple reportedly was married in 2003 in Hawaii, making the marriage legal in Arizona.

Judge Douglas Gerlach originally barred the couple from getting an official divorce, claiming that the transgender man named Beatie had not proved he was a man years ago.

Thomas Beatie, 40, felt like a woman since birth and underwent hormone therapy and surgeries to change genders. Beatie has since had three children, making news worldwide because of the pregnancies.

In 2012, Beatie filed for divorce because he wanted to marry a new girlfriend.

His attorney said he thinks that the appeals court decision is a “benchmark case.”

“People are going to have to get used to the fact that transgender people exist and they deserve the same rights and responsibilities that everyone else have,” said attorney David Michael Cantor. “That includes the right to get married and the right to be divorced and the responsibilities that go along with all that.”

Source: The Inquisitr