Anonymous Source Uploads Video About Subway's "Deceptive" Marketing (VIDEO)

| by Amanda Schallert

An unconfirmed source recently leaked a video detailing what he calls deceptive sales practices by Subway – a chain restaurant that has grown increasingly popular and ubiquitous in the fast food market.

The video, uploaded Tuesday, was allegedly created by a former member of the franchise named Arun Singhai, who has said the restaurant owners previously betrayed him and cost him hundreds of thousands in dollars, according to the Daily Mail.

Singhai, 30, has claimed that the “Sandwich Mafia” or “The System” wronged him by allegedly telling him that he would be promised another store if he closed his current one. After he closed his store, he was allegedly never given a new one, causing him to file for bankruptcy.

“After they took my authorisation to close the store and I closed the store, then they completely changed their words,” Singhai told Daily Mail Australia. “I was told that they don't have any new location right now and I might have to wait for two to three years for a new location.”

Still, Singhai’s video does not seem to offer much information that a customer could not find if they did the math for their calories or looked at the fine print on a Subway menu. He mostly focuses on how calorie estimates are not exact at the franchise.

Singhai has said that Subway owners’ behavior toward him is typical and deceptive. He added that he thinks Subway is estimated to lose about $35 million if its trade secrets are revealed.

“Here a family man lost $350,000 in Subway's investment. They left me with no option (but) to declare bankruptcy. I told the ‘Sandwich Mafia’ that if you don't compensate me for the loss of business, I am going to media to tell everyone about my story,” he said.

According to Singhai, Subway has filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that he is trying to blackmail the restaurant.  

Source: Daily Mail, Image Credit: Subway