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Animal Rights

Police Find Cat Bound By Duct Tape, Stuffed Inside Man's Backpack (Photos)

| by Jonathan Constante

A California man was arrested after police found a cat bound by duct tape stuffed inside of his backpack.

Clovis, California, police officers stopped a suspicious bicyclist on Jan. 17, Fox 32 reported. The bicyclist, who was later identified as Cody High, 24, initially lied to officers about his name.

Authorities were able to determine the bicyclist’s true identity and discovered he was on felony probation for drug violations. They carried out a probation search and High told them he had a cat inside of his backpack that he thought was dead.

Officers found the cat with electrical tape wrapped around its neck, nose and face. Its front and rear legs were bound together with tape as well.

When officers removed the tape from the cat’s face, it started breathing. They rushed the feline to an emergency veterinarian, where the rest of the tape was removed and the cat was treated.

The cat is reportedly recovering and doing well. A vet told authorities the cat would have probably died in the backpack if they hadn’t stopped the suspect.

Police are now working to find the owner of the cat.

High is currently facing charges of animal cruelty, violation of probation, false ID to an officer, and possession of narcotics paraphernalia.

Sources: Fox 32, Fresno Bee / Photo Credit: Clovis Police Department via Fox 32, Fresno Bee