'Who Would Do That?': Family Finds Its Blind And Deaf Dog Decapitated In Backyard

| by Jonathan Constante

A family was left horrified after a friend found the family's blind and deaf rescue dog decapitated in the backyard of its North Carolina home.

The Morrow family had Libby for six years.

“She was a rescued blind beagle, got around with no eyes,” Dennis Morrow told The Charlotte Observer. “Loving dog. Smart little dog.”

Shirley Morrow said Libby enjoyed going outside and lying under the trees for naps.

But on April 30, Libby didn’t come back inside.

A family friend went out to get the dog, and that’s when Libby’s lifeless and decapitated body was discovered between two trees, investigators said. The head has still not been found.

Police believe someone jumped into the Morrow family’s backyard, killed the dog and stole an ax, shovel and propane tank.

“Who would do that? Why would anybody do that to an animal?” Shirley told The Charlotte Observer.

“Couldn’t believe it. You don’t think something like that would happen in a small town,” Dennis added. “They’re sick individuals out here in the world now. We need to pray for them.”

The Tri County Animal Shelter is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who gives information that leads to an arrest. Police say that no suspects have been identified yet.

Libby was one of three dogs owned by the Morrow family. Shirley said the circumstances of Libby’s death were so awful, they couldn’t tell their children what really happened.

“We kinda had to not tell them exactly,” Shirley said. “That she passed away but not how.”

The family said it will now keep a watchful eye on their other pets and added that Libby was a sweet dog who loved humans.

“She had no idea it was coming,” Dennis said. “She loved to have her head scratched and everything. When the person touched her, she probably just laid down and let them.”

Sources: The Charlotte Observer, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Facebook