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You Won't Believe What This Dog Looks Like Now (Photos)

| by Zara Zhi

A stray dog that looked like a "prehistoric creature" found wandering the streets of Alabama has made an astonishing recovery.

In 2015, Augustus was drifting the back roads of Lauderdale County in northwest Alabama until rescuers -- who described him as “potato chip” monster -- found the mangy, scaly dog.

The dog had no fur, only cracked, dry flesh that looked like rotting, cakey scales, and no one was able to determine his breed. Augustus was starving and had bug bites and ear mites, according to Daily Mail.

Because of the dog’s awful appearance, people treated him badly, shooing him away and throwing things at him.

When president and co-founder of Heart of Alabama. Save. Rescue. Adopt, Debbie Rappuhn, heard about Augustus, she knew he had to be saved.

The heartwarming transformation of the border collie mix was posted on Augustus’ Facebook page, Augustus 2.0. The page details the process of his rescue, along with pictures.

Augustus was brought to a veterinarian and it took two days to peel off the 2-inch thick layer of mange off the dog, which cracked off like potato chips.

When all the scales finally came off, Augustus looked like a burn victim.

It took frequent medicated soaks and coconut oil baths to restore his coat to its original glory. Eventually, Augustus began to trust people again.

“He'd look up at us with these eyes that just said, ‘Thank you,’” Rappuhn told

“We knew at that time he wasn't scared of us anymore. He was just so thankful and so grateful that someone had helped him.”

Augustus’ black and white fur started to grow back and he looked like a border collie again.

Many people offered to adopt the rescued dog but Debbie wanted to ensure Augustus would be placed with the perfect forever family.

Jordan Crist, of Montgomery, Alabama, called numerous times and even burst out crying when she talked about Augustus. Crist, who already has another dog, was certain she was the right owner for the dog and Debbie agreed.

 “Over the past couple of weeks, we've seen him randomly pick up a toy or two and swing it around,” said Crist. “Those little milestones you take for granted with dogs that haven't necessarily been through what he's been through. Just those little things. He is just happy.”

Sources: Daily Mail,, Augustus 2.0/Facebook / Photo credit: Augustus 2.0/Facebook, HASRA via Daily Mail

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