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Firefighters Administer Oxygen To Dogs After Fire

| by Karin Sun

Photos of two Florida firefighters administering oxygen to five dogs after an apartment fire has gone viral on social media.

The firefighters, Rustin Hammes and Alex Hardman, responded to a fire at a New Port Richey, Florida, apartment on March 11, the New Port Richey Patch reported. Although no human occupants were in the home at the time, Hammes and Hardman rescued five dogs from the blaze. After carrying the dogs to safety outside, the firefighters administered oxygen to the animals because they were suffering from smoke inhalation.

Unfortunately, not all of the dogs recovered.

"Unfortunately even after we successfully resuscitated all five of these dogs, the tiny puppy and both parents did not make it," the New Port Richey Fire Department posted on Facebook, according to Fox 32.

"The vet is hopeful that the remaining two larger dogs will recover. We send them our best wishes and hopes for a full recovery. Once again, thank you for sharing all of your well wishes and thanks."

The March 14 post, which contained two photos of Hammes and Hardman giving the dogs oxygen as they lay on a tarp and walking them around on leashes after resuscitating them, have been liked over 1,700 times in eight days.

Commenters responding to the post expressed their appreciation of the firefighters' heroic efforts.

"You guys rock!" one poster wrote. "So sweet seeing men that care about all forms of life, human and animal."

"So typical of our wonderful firefighters!" another user commented.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated, according to the New Port Richey Patch.  

Sources: New Port Richey Patch, Fox 32New Port Richey Fire Department/Facebook / Photo Credit: New Port Richey Fire Department/Facebook via Fox 32, New Port Richey Fire Department/Facebook

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