Two-Headed Snapping Turtle Found At Arkansas Farm (Photo)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A two-headed snapping turtle was born on a farm in Amagon, Arkansas recently.

The turtle was part of a group of 30,000 baby turtles set to be shipped to China, but workers pulled the rare snapper from the batch after discovering it.

A worker at the farm told the Jonesboro Sun that mutated turtles occasionally pop up at the farm. Some have two heads and one neck, some have extra legs, and others have no tails. Typical sci-fi stuff.

The farm is now trying to find a home for the rare turtle. A farm employee said the creature is for sale and will most likely end up at a collector’s home.

Here’s a picture of our two-headed friend, courtesy of Sarah Morris of the Jonesboro Sun:


Which do you like more, the turtle or this two-headed snake found in India a few months back:

I vote snake.

Sources: The Jonesboro Sun, New York Daily News