Joe Rogan Takes Heat For Bear Hunting Pictures On Social Media (Photos)

| by Dominic Kelly

Television host and stand-up comedian Joe Rogan is getting a lot of heat this week after a photo of him posing with a bear he killed has angered animal lovers all over the Internet.

This past weekend, Rogan proudly posted a picture of him and his podcast cohost/hunting enthusiast Cameron Hanes posing with a bear that Rogan killed with just a bow and arrow. Hanes posted the picture on his Facebook page explaining how Rogan was able to kill the bear.

“Joe Rogan becomes a bowhunter,” wrote Hanes in the picture’s caption. “Last night, on a memorable bear hunting evening in Alberta, Joe made a perfect shot on this beast. We were hunting from the ground eye-to-eye with the bears when this mature boar offered Joe a shot. As John Rivet captured all the action on film, after months and months of practicing with his Hoyt, preparation finally met opportunity and with adrenaline surging, Joe made the most of it. The boar went 40 yards tops and was down in seconds. Fire up the grill, we are eating bear tonight!”

Rogan posted a picture on Instagram later on of what appears to be cooked bear meat with the caption, “Anyone that tells you bear meat isn’t delicious doesn’t know what the f--- they’re talking about.”

Both photos quickly spread on the Internet, and while many people seemed to congratulate Rogan on his kill, others blasted the former "Fear Factor" host for what he did.

“Shame on you for killing innocent animals,” tweeted one person.

"Can’t look at this photo,” commented a disturbed Facebook user on Hanes’s picture. “Don’t understand individuals who pose with a dead human or animals. I don’t enjoy other creature’s suffering.”

Some went even further by hurling insults at Rogan and Hanes, with one person even calling them “f------ disgusting meatheads.”

(via Joe Rogan)

Rogan was clearly not about to brush off his critics, so he quickly took to Twitter to defend his actions.

“Dear folks mad at me for hunting: I only hunt things I eat and my goal is to personally ethically harvest all the meat I eat at home,” said Rogan in his series of tweets. “Right now in June, the things you can hunt are limited so I went bear hunting. I know some people have a problem with that. If you wear leather and eat meat hating hunters for getting their own food is insanely hypocritical and just another sign of the convenient detachment people have regarding the food they consume. Make no mistake about it, if you eat meat you're killing as well. If you're killing with your purchases thinking that makes you better than a person that kills their meat themselves is highly retarded. Life eats life. My goal with perusing hunting is to get more connected with that. It's been a bizarre and complex journey. The bear I killed was the result of countless hours of practice with a bow resulting in a perfect shot that killed it in seconds. Again hunting is not something I frivolously pursue and I only hunt things I can eat and only in a legal and ethical way. I grow and kill my own vegetables too, often times laughing heartily as I pluck them from the life sustaining ground.”

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