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Ted Nugent’s Reality Show 'Wanted: Ted or Alive' Features Insults, Animal Dismemberment (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Ted Nugent’s reality show 'Wanted: Ted or Alive' premiered on The Sportsman Channel on Monday night and featured the NRA board member insulting people and dismembering an animal (video below).

According to Media, the reality show includes contestants who try to survive Nugent's strange contests, bizarre antics and verbal abuse.

At one point Nugent chased contestants around a field in a modified golf cart, shooting them repeatedly at close range with a paintball gun, while bragging about his alleged expert warrior training with federal government agencies.

When a female contestant won a relay race, Nugent said: “She’s a humper!” and “The she-beast beat the he-beast. How cool is that?” 

Nugent also insulted a male contestant who placed second behind the “wang dang sweet f*cking thang.”

Later, Nugent forced contestants to watch him smash a live chicken’s head on a rock and slice it open on camera.

“It’s almost like being a mother and refusing to change your child’s diapers because it stinks,” Nugent said. “This is so good. This is so good for you… I want you to see the beauty of this.”

Source: Media


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