Skippy The 'Kangaroo Kitten' Up For Adoption In New Zealand (Photos/Video)

| by Khier Casino

Three-month-old Skippy the kitten is a little bit different from the rest in that he was born without a radius bone in his forelimbs, so he hops and stands up on his hind legs, just like a kangaroo.

"His legs have developed to compensate for that... so he often stands up like a little meercat or a kangaroo," Nicholas Taylor, animal care and adoptions manager, told CBS12 News. "Hence, Skippy."

His condition does not cause him pain but he is more susceptible to arthritis later in life.

"We're very confident that he's all good, that it's just more of a visual thing for us," Taylor said. "But for him he doesn't even know that he's got something – I was going to say 'wrong,' but it's 'different'."

Skippy has been through numerous foster homes and eventually made it to the Wellington SPCA in New Zealand.

He often does not pull back his claws, so he ends up getting stuck on carpet.

"He runs around like any other kitten – in his mind anyway – and we have no concern with his quality of life," Taylor told 3 News NZ.

Skippy was with a foster family in quarantine, not due to his condition, but because he may have been exposed to cat flu.

The SPCA is waiting for the right home to put Skippy in.

He was neutered and is up-to-date on vaccinations, and will be available for adoption along with other pets.

(Photos courtesy of 3 News NZ and Wellington SPCA)