'Everything's Bigger In Texas': Sarah Palin Brags About Hunting Feral Hog To Promote Her Reality Show

| by Dominic Kelly

Former Alaskan governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin was recently shooting an episode of her Sportsman Channel reality show when she scored big during a hunting expedition in Texas. She ended up posting the picture online, and it was ultimately met with both praise and criticism.

While filming an episode for her show’s second season, Palin reportedly was able to shoot and kill a feral hog in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Breitbart reports that there are nearly two million feral hogs in Texas that cause millions of dollars worth of damages annually, so Palin’s score was apparently a big one.

Upon killing the animal, Palin took to Facebook to do some boasting about the creature she just slaughtered.

“Everything's bigger in Texas!” the reality star and former politician wrote alongside a photo of her and the dead hog. “We’re in the middle of some great hunts this week for season 2 of Sportsman Channel's 'Amazing America with Sarah Palin.'”

Some users online seemed to be less than impressed by the former Alaskan governor’s kill.

“Which one is Sarah?" a commenter asked on Breitbart’s report. "The pig on the ground, or the one with the idiot grin & beer-mug glasses?”

As you can see, the former governor is still as polarizing as ever. 

Sources: Breitbart, The Minority Report / Photo Source: Breitbart, Flickr