Fisherman Comes Upon Fish With Human-Like Teeth (Photo)

| by Emily Smith

Russian angler Aleks Korobov got the surprise of his life when he caught a mysterious fish with human-looking teeth.

“[I] opened its gills which were nice and red but I noticed the mouth wasn't right for a bream,” Korobov said. “Inside were a load of human teeth.”

Korobov thought he had caught a common bream in Russia’s Arkhangelsk Oblast region, but upon closer inspection he found the fish’s unusual teeth. Korobov was so shocked by the fish’s teeth that he dropped it, though he quickly regained his composure and arrived at a local pub to show his friends.

When Korobov’s friends heard he had caught a fish with human teeth, they assumed it was just another one of his jokes. However, they were shocked when they inspected the fish themselves.

After showing off his catch, Korobov contacted the Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography for their expertise.

(via DailyMail)

“We had to do an autopsy and carry out a series of examinations to determine the species and an explanation for the teeth,” Gennady Dvorykankin, an Institute expert, said. “We are convinced it is a member of the Piranha family, and that it is an herbivore piranha – not one of the meat-eating ones you see in films.”

Others have noted that the fish is likely a Pacu, a fish from South America related to the Piranha.

Dvorykankin added that the fish probably couldn’t have made its way from natural tropical waters to the Arctic and then into the local river, and suggested instead that the fish was probably dumped by an exotic fish owner.

Sources: DailyMail, Express

Photo Credit: CEN