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Animal Rights

Rottweiler Saves Boy From Brutal Pit Bull Attack

| by Sean Kelly

A heroic Rottweiler saved a Florida boy from a brutal attack by a pit bull early Friday morning.

Two boys in Sorrento, Florida, were playing in the front yard when a pit bull emerged from the woods and began sniffing one of the boys’ shirt. The boy swatted the dog away, and it went after the other boy. That boy suffered a severe bite to his leg while trying to speed away on his bike.

The Rottweiler, who’d been inside the house when the attack occurred, ran out and bit the pit bull in the neck. The pit retreated back into the woods, where it remains on the loose.

The boy on the bike suffered a severe leg injury that claimed a large portion of his right calf muscle, and was rushed to an Orlando hospital for emergency surgery.

The owner of the Rottweiler said his dog “earned his stripes.”

While the neighborhood where the attack occurred is on edge about the possibility of the pit bull returning, Animal Control has taken measures to keep an eye out for the dog and ultimately capture it.

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