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Animal Rights

Real Life 'Lassie' Alerts Police To Trapped Canine Friend (Photo)

| by Brendan Kelly

A dog in Massachusetts became a real life "Lassie" after leading officers to another dog, who had become trapped in some brush after slipping down a 30-foot icy embankment.

According to police in the Western Massachusetts town of Orange, two dogs ran away when their owner was taken to the hospital for a medical emergency. The police notified Animal Control.

According to a post on the Orange MA Police Department’s Facebook page, Officer Bisceglia drove around the neighborhood to find the dogs. One dog ran up to him while barking. 

“The dog insisted that the officer follow him through a field to an embankment,” the Facebook post reads. “Officer Bisceglia saw that the second dog had slid on the ice, approximately 30 feet down to the bottom, and was wedged in some overgrowth.”

The Fire Department was called, and firefighters were able to rescue the dog using a ground ladder to get down the embankment. Both of the dogs were taken to a veterinarian after the incident.

“Apparently, any dog in the right circumstance can turn into 'Lassie'!” the Facebook post concludes. "Nice work by all involved."

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