Puppy Survives Heart-Piercing Stab From 10-Inch Needle

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A 4-month-old puppy made a miraculous recovery last week from an injury that should have killed her. The puppy, Tutti, somehow survived a puncture wound from a 10-inch sewing needle that pierced her chest and heart.

The shocking accident happened when Tutti jumped from a sofa to a coffee table. When she landed on the table, the needle pierced her chest. Fearing for the worst, Tutti’s owners rushed her to a veterinary hospital right away.

According to veterinary cardiologist Jennifer Myers, Tutti’s owners were way more afraid than the dog was.

“The owners were definitely, understandably, upset and concerned,” Myers told the News Observer. “The dog was remarkably calm.”

If the needle had gone even an inch deeper, Myers says, Tutti could have died.

“The first question is, ‘How far in does this go, and is it damaging anything on its way in?’” Myers said.

“The first few minutes were the most critical," Myers said after removing the needle from Tutti's chest. "Once she woke up from anesthesia, she was a very sweet little dog. Really, she woke up and was looking around. She wanted to be held and cuddled.”

The lucky Ms. Tutti is expected to make a full recovery with no lasting complications.'

Sources: The News Observer, MailOnline / Photo Credit: Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital