Precocious, Rare Giraffe Born At Connecticut Conservation Center

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The Leo Zoological Conservation Center in Connecticut welcomed its first Rothschild giraffe baby on Friday.

The baby female was born to 6-year-old Petal, a towering, rare Rothschild giraffe at the conservation center, and has already expressed her strong sense of curiosity.

The baby calf, which has not yet been named, is six feet tall and will grow to be as tall as 18 feet. The precocious animal was standing and nursing within 30 minutes of its birth, according to Leo Zoological Conservation Center.

The facility is home to five other giraffes, and two of which are also pregnant.

The rare giraffe subspecies is considered endangered and is on the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUNC) Red List of Threatened Species as there are fewer than 670 left in the wild.

The Rothschild giraffe get their name from a British Zoologist, Lord Walter Rothschild, who named and described the subspecies during an expedition to East Africa in the early 1900s. 

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