Texas Police Officers Help Foster Motherless Kittens Until They Get Adopted (Photos)

| by Khier Casino

A Fort Worth, Texas, police officer and his colleagues apply “to protect and serve” motto to everyone, including adorable kittens.

In a Facebook post, the Fort Worth Police Department wrote: “West Division patrol officers give new meaning to ‘Protect andServe.’ Patrol officers found three tiny deserted kittens in the parking lot outside a West Division police sector. Everyone is pitching in and taking turns helping the kittens until they can get adopted! We will keep our followers updated on their progress and showcase them on our ‘Furrever Friday’ post when they are old enough for adoption! Great job officers!”

The photos below have gone viral since they were posted to the police department’s Facebook page on July 14, garnering more than 5,000 likes and over 2,000 shares.

“Our sergeants have been trading the bottle feeding job every shift,” one commenter wrote on Reddit. “It’s pretty great to see them, our decades-on-the-force bosses holding these tiny mewling kittens and giving them bottles. Also, kittens are way louder than I expected.”

Another said: “My friend became a cop a few years ago and while there are some bad eggs, there's actually a lot of great people on the force. The majority of them chose that career path to make a positive impact on society.”

Check out Officer Johnson and other officers bottle-feed the kittens below:

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