Pit Bull Drags 8-Year-Old Boy To Safety After Bee Attack

| by Kathryn Schroeder

A pit bull heroically saved a young boy from attacking bees.

Jesse-Cole Shaver, 8, was playing with a group of kids by an Oregon creek located down a steep embankment. One of the children stepped on something, and a swarm of bees was released.

Shaver could not physically make the trip back up the hill to retreat from the bees.

His pet pit bull, Hades,, came to the rescue and grabbed his pant leg, pulling him up the hill to safety.

"Hades saw me and came and dragged me up to the grass and stopped and let me crawl on her back and took me to my mom," Jesse-Cole told Fox 12.

The youngster was stung 24 times.

“I just heard a bunch of screaming, then I saw my dog dragging my son up by his pants,” his mother, who requested to not be named, said.

Their mother fears the situation could have been much worse had Hades not helped, reports The Daily Mail.

Hades was also stung during the attack, but she is doing just fine now.

Photo Source: Fox 12