'The Dog Was Maulin' Him': 9-Year-Old Boy, Pregnant Mother Hospitalized After Pit Bull Attack (Video)

| by Phyllis M Daugherty

Just two days before Christmas, a young boy and his pregnant mother were hospitalized following a Pit Bull attack in the Roseland area of Chicago. The woman required surgery, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Willie Williams, the woman’s husband, told ABC7 the harrowing incident occurred after a neighbor’s Pit Bull escaped from a yard near 113th and Yale and attacked his 9-year-old son as he ran from the yard onto the front porch to escape the dog.

"My son ran up on the porch, he was hollerin'," Williams told the ABC reporters. "When I opened up the door, the dog was maulin' him. I got a stick and started to beat the dog and got the dog up off of him."

Williams said he finally stopped the attack on his son by hitting the dog with a golf club. Then, as his wife tried to get their son into the house, the dog came charging back up onto the porch and grabbed the woman before she could close the door.

He said that his son appeared to go into shock and his wife became weak from the trauma. He described the injuries as “her arm hanging open” and his son “having holes in his body” from the dog bites. 

Lasheta Amos, the boy's mother, is two months pregnant. Both the mother and son have been hospitalized. Her son, Devon, required stitches. She was reported in serious condition, with “significant damage to her arm,” according to ABC7 News. 

The dog owner declined to be interviewed, according to CBS News, but his uncle convinced him to relinquish the Pit Bull to animal control. The uncle said he did not want to see anyone hurt like that again.

The boy and mother were treated at Christ Hospital. CBS News reports that the mother, Lasheta Amos, required surgery on her arm.

Officer Eli Williams of Chicago Animal Control said that the owner would not receive a citation because he relinquished the dog.

Source: ABC 7, Chicago Tribune, CBS / Photo Credit: Screenshot