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Dog Stays By Deceased Master's Side (Photos)

| by Reve Fisher

A picture of a loyal dog has touched hearts throughout the world.

In Concepcion, Chile, 23-year-old Leonardo Valdes was fatally hit by a vehicle, The Sun reports.

Valdes’ young dog, named Doki, stayed close to the emergency crews even after its master’s body had been covered by a sheet of tarpaulin. In the photo, the loyal animal appears to be heartbroken, and it refuses to leave Valdes' side during his final hours.

According to Corporacion de Emergencias del BioBio, the crew was so touched by the dog’s loyalty that they posted a picture to Facebook.

"The dog of the deceased remained in place until the body was removed," they wrote, according to a translated version of the April 13 Facebook post.

The photo has been shared over 1,200 times and received over 2,500 likes in just six days.

“The loyal friend until the end never leaves you my respects to the puppy,” Facebook user Edgar Sanhueza wrote in the comments section.

“I can’t contain [my] sadness for the person, but to see the face of that poor little dog, I feel a huge pain in my soul because ever since I have [had] dogs I’ve realized the great love I get from them!!!” Rosa Arzola wrote.

In addition to expressing admiration for the dog, many commenters were concerned that Doki still had a place to call home.

Doki first arrived into the 23-year-old’s life when he came back to Concepcion to help his mother, according to a translated version of El Dinamo's article.

Valdes' family said the dog attended its master's funeral.

In 2015, another dog was pictured lying at the site where his owner, 42-year-old Kelly Black, was killed in a hit-and-run accident, The Sun notes.

And in 1858, a dog, named Greyfriars Bobby, became famous in the U.K. for refusing to leave the grave of his owner, John Gray. He guarded the grave until he died in 1872, 14 years later. 

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