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Pet Food Company Claims Fibers In Dog Kibble Are Safe Despite Consumer Concerns

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Angela Kilgore said she grew concerned when her dog wasn’t eating, so she decided to take a closer look at her dog’s food. She noticed wiry fibers poking out of her dog’s kibble, and she took the discovery to WSYX, an ABC News affiliate based in Columbus, Ohio.

After a photo of a fiber poking out of the dog food was posted to WSYX’s Facebook page, more people came forward with stories of strange fibers poking out of their pet’s food.

“I saw a post last night about tiny little black wires in pedigree dog food and I was curious so I checked my dogs bag and I also found tiny little wires inside my dogs food,” wrote Phylicia Szymanski, who asked what could be done.

Mars Petcare, the company that owns -- among other pet food brands -- Pedigree, responded by claiming the food was safe.

“We can reassure you that the fibers we are seeing is natural fibers,” Dr. Tiffany Bierer, a health and nutrition manager at Mars Petcare, told WSYX. “They are perfectly safe for pets to consume.”

Mars said fibers, such as pig fur, sometimes become blended into the food, but Ohio State University Veterinary Professor Valerie Parker said even that isn’t acceptable.

“It’s not normal that there would be hair in a byproduct, by definition,” she told WSYX. “Meat and bone meal should not contain any hoofs, any horns, any fur, any hair, beyond what would be just minimal amounts in a good manufacturing plant.”

Still, Mars Petcare stands by its product. “

We do a lot of quality control and for us that makes sure that we are putting out safe products,” Bierer said. “We take it very seriously.”

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Photo credit: WSYX/Facebook, Jason Meredith/Wikipedia CC