'It's Baffling': Dog's Striking Appearance Prevents Her From Finding A Loving Home

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A perfectly healthy 1-year-old collie is having trouble finding a home for a seemingly absurd reason: her eyes are two different colors.

The dog, Molly, has been at the Dogs Trust Newbury shelter in England for months now waiting for someone to take her home. Her sister, who has two brown eyes, was adopted just days after arriving at the shelter. Molly, with one brown and one blue eye, still waits.

“It’s baffling as she is a fantastic dog and we think her blue eye makes her look really striking,” Nick Barrow, a represent from Dog’s Trust, told Metro. “We really hope a new owner can see behind Molly's blue eye and offer her a happy home, just like her sister Holly.”

Molly’s condition, Heterochromia, sometimes occurs in humans, too. The mutation is purely aesthetic and has no impact on her eyesight.

(L-R) Holly & Molly.  A rescue centre is struggling to find a home for an unlucky dog who was born with different coloured eyes.  See SWNS story SWEYES.  Molly the collie arrived at the Dogs Trust with her near identical sister Holly.  But while Holly quickly found a new home Molly has struggled with staff believing it is because she has one blue and one brown eye.  The one-year-old dog is happy and healthy and her blue eye is caused by having less pigment in it, a condition known as Heterochromia in humans.  It does not affect her sight and staff at Dogs Trust Newbury are appealing for someone to come forward to adopt the friendly pet.

Staff at Dog’s Trust Newbury hope that by publishing Molly’s story, she can find an owner sooner rather than later. 

If you want Molly, you can contact the Dog's Trust via their website.

Sources: Metro, ITV / Photo Credit: SWNS via Metro