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New Yorkers Rush To Save Dog Thrown From Elevated Brooklyn Interstate

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

Witnesses in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, saw a pit bull thrown from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Wednesday evening.

Local Jon Ernsberger said he was driving when he saw a dog sailing off the roadway 30 feet above him, “head over heels over the top.”

"For the first split second I didn't know what it was," Ernsberge told Gothamist. "At first I thought it could be a human, and that was really alarming."

Ernsberger and another witness came to the dog’s aid and found that he was miraculously still alive.

"It's unbelievable—it's like, 30 feet high," he said. "I really thought it would be dead, but it was crying out and trying to stand."

Good Samaritans moved the 50-pound male pit bill from the street and tried to keep him comfortable while they called for help. Several animal hospitals in the area refused to help without police involvement.

One woman, Lacie Zassman, says police arrived 30 minutes later and one officer offered to “take the dog to a kill shelter.”

Locals refused. Instead they called Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group VERG) in Cobble Hill. The dog was reportedly wagging his tail when vet techs greeted him at the door.

He’s now in stable condition, although he has a pneumothorax and an injured front leg, according to VERG Communications Director Maria Moss. He is breathing and resting well.

The pooch has been dubbed “Meeker,” for the street on which he landed.

Sources: Gothamist, CBS New York

Image credit: Lacie Zassman