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Abandoned Dog Lying On Mattress Near Trash Goes Viral (Photos)

| by Sheena Vasani

Even after his owners left him behind with the trash, Boo the dog stayed loyal.

"This picture absolutely breaks my heart, I am literally in tears," reads the caption Liz Marie wrote after sharing a Facebook photo of the Michigan dog lying on an old mattress. "Meet Boo, this beautiful boy was left behind with the trash and belongings when the family moved out. He stayed right by their stuff and never left it, confused and lonely."

After learning about the dog's plight on Facebook, Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue knew it had to help.

The organization explained Boo refused to leave his owner's residence, the Daily Mail reports.

One of the organization's workers, Mike Diesel, spent an entire day trying to get the dog to trust him and go with him.

At one point, he resorted to using a McDonald's sausage McMuffin just to gain the neglected dog's trust.

Eleven hours later, the dog finally came around and bonded with Diesel.

When the group took Boo to the veterinarian, he was diagnosed with heartworm.

Diesel and his team say they are taking care of the dog, which is slowly regaining his trust in others.

"Learning to Trust Again is such an Amazing Experience!!!" reads the Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue's Facebook caption under a photo of Boo with a man after seeing the veterinarian.

Since then, the photos Liz Marie shared of Boo have gone viral, with hundreds expressing outrage while simultaneously praising Diesel.

"This kind of news really evokes a lot of emotion in me. You don't OWN a dog. You paid to be its GUARDIAN. It's absurd to think that you PAY to own another LIFE. Just like when you decided to be a parent, and you agreed to be that person's guardian in all aspects of that responsibility, so goes adopting a dog (or any kind of animal). Cheese and crackers, people, we are part of the animal kingdom; it's where we came from. We have to do better. It's our responsibility.#DogsAreFamily #DogGuardian"

Diesel and his team are now looking for a family to adopt the dog.

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