More Than 50 percent of U.S. Pets are Overweight (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Animal obesity is an epidemic across the country with more than 50 percent of pets now overweight, reports CBS Los Angeles (video below).

Dr. Jeff Werber, a Los Angeles veterinarian, says that owners are seeking help to lose extra pounds. As with humans, cutting the calories a dog consumes is the key.

“If you looked at the calorie content of those treats, it would comprise probably one of their two meals. So by doing this on a daily basis, giving them 30, 40 percent more calories than they need, you can imagine what’s gonna happen after a few years,” Dr. Werber told CBS Los Angeles.

"You want to see an indentation in the waist. When you see them like a box, that’s too big, it’s like a coffee table. Likewise, if you can grab too much skin, it’s too much. You want to be able to feel the ribs, not see them, but feel them.”

Source: CBS Los Angeles