Missing Dog Lost During Monsoon Storm, Reunited with Owner After 2 Years

| by Phyllis M Daugherty

Jessica Rowe of Mesa, Arizona, wiped away tears as she talked to an NBC reporter and held Buddy in her arms two years after he disappeared during a monsoon storm in Mesa in May 2011. Rowe said she didn’t think she’d ever find the little one-eyed Pekingese she had adopted as a stray from an animal shelter, but she never got another dog.

In the 2011 monsoon, Rowe’s townhome gate blew open while she was at work. When she returned home she found that Buddy was missing. She believes that he became frightened and ran away. But it appears that someone found him and had taken good care of him until last Friday.

That was the day Jessica received a call from the Phoenix Police Department, saying they had Buddy.

Officer Don Martin was driving down a street in Phoenix when a grey-and-white dog ran out of an apartment complex and struck the side of his patrol car. Officer Martin stopped and went back to help the little dog. He told NBC that he honestly didn’t think Buddy was going to survive, but he immediately drove him to a veterinary hospital.

Not only were the doctors able to save Buddy, but they also tracked down his original owner, Jessica Rowe. (Although she did not mention it in the interview, Buddy was probably traced through a microchip.)

“What potentially was a terrible situation, it turned out incredible. I still can’t believe it,” said a smiling Officer Martin. Jessica said she was so grateful to Officer Martin, who not only stopped to help Buddy, but also paid his veterinary bill.

Once he recovered, Buddy and a very emotional Jessica Rowe were reunited. He also received a big basket of toys and treats from Phoenix police officers. —Watch it Here

Source: (NBC)