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$10,000 Reward For Information On Dog Killings (Photo)

| by Reve Fisher

On March 22, a decapitated dog was found mere days after another dog, which someone had intentionally drowned, was discovered.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe announced that a $10,000 reward would be given to those who assist with the investigation, KTLA News reports.

"It is sickening to think there is someone out there committing heinous acts of cruelty towards animals," Knabe said in a statement. "I encourage anyone, who has any information that can help law enforcement with their investigation, to please come forward."

On March 16, a group of people were finishing up a paddling training session in Marina Del Rey, California, when they saw a shovel sticking out from the ground. One of the paddlers, Dave Carpenter, discovered the tool was chained to a dog's throat.

The shovel was buried relatively deep in the sand, and the dog was reportedly left to drown in the rising tide.

"[…] Someone purposefully did this," Carpenter told KTLA News. "Why, I have no idea. I just can’t see someone engaging in that kind of behavior."

"[…] We already reported this act of animal cruelty but it would be great to catch the puppy killer," Malia Zimmerman, another paddler, wrote on Facebook on March 16.

The dog was an adult medium-sized terrier mix with white fur and brown spots. As the information on the dog’s tag is outdated, investigators are unable to get in touch with the owner.

PETA and the Humane Society are each offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the identification of those responsible for the killing of the drowned animal.

"This little dog suffered the terror and agony of being staked to the sand and drowning in the rising ocean waters," Colleen O’Brien, PETA Senior Director, said in a March 21 press release. "PETA urges anyone with information about this crime to come forward immediately, before whoever is responsible for this animal’s horrifying death hurts someone else."

"The person who committed this despicable act against a defenseless puppy needs to be apprehended and brought to justice," Eric Sakach, senior law enforcement specialist for the Humane Society, said in a March 23 press release. "We're hopeful that someone who knows something about this incident will do the right thing and contact authorities."

In the March 22 incident, a dog was found decapitated in Ballona Creek, California, KTLA News notes.

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