Man Gored, Three Others Injured At Running Of Bulls Festival

| by Amanda Schallert

A man was gored and three others sustained injuries as the annual running of the bulls festival kicked off Monday morning in northern Spain.

In the streets of the city of Pamplona, thousands of people ran along fighting bulls in the short event that draws numerous tourists and individuals looking for a risk each year, according to the Daily Mail.

At the festival, many individuals wore traditional red neckerchiefs and white clothes. People are injured during the traditional festival each year and more than 10 participants have died in past decades. Most individuals are injured when they fall during the run.

According to the Spanish Red Cross, the four people injured Monday were aken to a hospital and none were in critical condition. The individuals hurt were all Spanish.

The festival has been heavily criticized by animal rights’ activists in the past as well as people concerned about the safety of the people participating in the run. After the fighting bulls are forced to run and fight with matadors, they are killed and their meat is served in Spanish restaurants.

“In this day and age, it's appalling that sensitive animals are still being tormented and killed in front of a screaming crowd,” said a PETA spokesman.

Source: Daily Mail