Man Caught On Video Beating Homeowner's Cat (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Jordan Lindquist was apparently caught on a hidden camera violently beating a cat that belonged to the owners of the house where he was staying as a guest in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

The homeowner, Colleen Cloward, captured the video (below) on a "nanny cam," which was installed because the cat, Shadow, started acting strangely, reports The Associated Press.

Lindquist moved out of the home on April 17, and was arrested the same day and charged with felony animal cruelty. He posted a $5,000 bail on April 19.

The video appears to show him hitting the cat, grabbing it by the tail, shaking it and slamming it into the floor.

Colleen's son Kaleb told KUTV, “I was furious ... You trust somebody so much, let them into your house, and how they repay you is your cat gets beat up, tortured."

“He seemed like such a nice young man, but yet there's something clearly wrong in his thought process,” Colleen added.

The Saratoga Springs Police Department said, “Officers watching the video believed if the cat had been a baby, it would probably have been killed because of the viciousness and violence of the shaking.”


Sources: Associated Press, KUTV
Image Credit: CBS News Screenshot