Loyal Dog Guards Starving Canine Friend with Head Trapped in Coffee Can

| by Phyllis M Daugherty

On Sunday, October 28, a Good Samaritan in Dallas, Texas, rescued two dogs from a tragic circumstance—one was starving and close to death because of a coffee can tightly encasing her neck, which would not allow her to eat or drink. The other, a soulful, healthy young male Shepherd mix was guarding his friend and would not leave her side, seeming to understand that she was suffering and needed him.

The female dog, now named “Java,” is improving but still struggling to stabilize after being freed from the can and receiving emergency veterinary care at Dallas Animal Services. The rusty can which was carefully removed from her throat was cutting into her ears and flesh on her neck. Her body was skeletal and she could not stand.

We have to wonder what owner would allow this to happen to two dogs that had obviously had a family which raised them to maturity. Did some prankster think it was funny to cut both ends of the coffee can, push it over gentle Java’s neck and watch her thrash about trying to remove it?  Were these dogs related—perhaps Java is Joshua’s mother—or did they even know each other before Joshua decided to stay by Java’s side? Or, did an owner just callously abandon them and leave them to fend for themselves on a Texas road?  Regardless, the loyalty of a dog always amazes us and Joshua truly has the heart of a hero.

After a veterinarian at the shelter freed Java from the choking metal cylinder, the frail dog was taken to a rescue facility in Dallas to continue a precarious recovery.

 Animal Allies of Texas posted an update on her on Monday, which stated, “Java is alert and eating—“holding her own” this morning...the next few days are critical.” (Java is now being cared for at MetroPaws in Dallas.)

 Joshua is at the Dallas Animal Services shelter, and he needs a permanent, loving home very soon.

Dallas Animal Services shared the following information about Joshua on Monday:

“Joshua remains here at DAS. He's a sweet boy, but the shelter is full. He'll need a new home…His identification number is A750714 and he'll be available Thursday, if not before.”

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Anyone wishing to inquire about Joshua and Java should contact Dallas Animal Services, , according to Penny Eims, Dog News Examiner for