Jessica Rowe Reunited with Missing Dog of Two Years After He Collides With Cop Car

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A dog returned to its owner after being gone for two years after a police car nearly killed him when he ran out of an apartment complex.

Jessica Rowe lost her Pekingese dog named Buddy in May of 2011 when a “monsoon” blew the family’s gate open and he escaped.

She and her daughter spent weeks looking for him. Rowe said her daughter was distressed by the loss of Buddy.

“My daughter (who was 3 at the time) is like a social butterfly to humans and animals, and so it was really detrimental, almost like losing a sibling for her,” Rowe said. “She cried a lot, a lot.”

They were also worried because Buddy only has one eye.

Just as they were letting go of Buddy, they got a call from a veterinarian saying he was found.

On Friday, he ran out of an apartment complex and collided with a police car.

“That’s when I heard this really horrible sound as if a large stone or some object hit the drive side of my patrol vehicle, looked out the rear view and saw the dog down on the road,” Officer Don Martin said. “Honestly, I thought the dog was not going to survive.”

Martin and another officer took the dog to the vet and he was miraculously fine. They paid the medical bill and the veterinarian discovered Buddy had a microchip.

With the information from the microchip, they were able to find Rowe.

Martin said Buddy was found a week earlier by the people in the apartment complex, who were taking care of him until he ran into the police car.

The officers gave Rowe a gift basket for the dog as a goodbye present.

“What potentially was a terrible situation turned out incredible,” Martin said. “I still can’t believe it.”