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Animal Rights

Hunter's Car Attacked By Elk While Family Sits Inside

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Matt Dixon of Loveland, Colorado, spends about 30 days hunting every year. His living room is filled with trophies.

Nature took its revenge when a bull elk charged the Dixon family’s vehicle while they were on an excursion to watch the wild animals in Estes Park, Colorado, UPI reported.

The bull elk charged the car from about 40 yards away.

"We were trying to keep our distance," Matt told KDVR. "We don't want to teach the kids [to] go up to them and take pictures. They're wild animals."

“He came up from here and just started charging at us as he came,” he added.

The elk left a hole in the driver's side door and ripped off the side-view mirror.

Dixon, his wife Melissa and their two young children were unharmed.

“It could have easily hurt somebody or killed somebody,” Matt said.

Melissa posted photos of the damaged vehicle to her Facebook page on Sept. 25.

“We are all ok, and the kids now officially hate elk,” she wrote in a comment. “Good thing hunting season starts soon!”

Sources: Melissa Dixon/Facebook, KDVR, UPI / Photo credit: Melissa Dixon/FacebookLarry Lamsa/Flickr