German Shepherd Who Protected His Family From Bear Rescued From Animal Control

| by Amanda Schallert

A German Shepherd who was given away by his family after he protected them from a bear was recently saved by a rescue organization.

The four-year-old dog named Duke was given to New York City Animal Care and Control after he chased away a bear from his owners. After he was given away, Duke was listed as “urgent” at the center, meaning that he could be euthanized, according to

When Duke was left at the shelter, his owners had an exit interview to tell others about the type of dog he is.

According to the interview, Duke chased dear and was very friendly. He also liked to cuddle and rest his heads on people laps.

“He loves to be cuddled, kissed, and hugged. Duke is very protective of his family and will growl at strangers if they get close to them,” the interview notes said. “He is wonderful with his family as well as extended family and friends that he sees regularly."

According to the family, Duke also loves baths and grooming sessions.

His family said they had to give him away because of allergy reasons, even though he was protective of them and loving.


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