Fish With Two Mouths Discovered Off The Coast Of Australia (Photo)

| by Emily Smith

A fisherman discovered a bony bream with two mouths on Monday, making it just one of many unusual and freakish fish that have emerged from the Australian seas recently.

Garry Warrick, the South Australian fisherman, said that after 30 years of fishing he’d never come across a double-mouthed bream. The two mouths of the fish are actually joined together, though the bottom mouth stays closed while the other can remain open or closed.

“It was very unusual,” Warrick told Daily Mail Australia. “I have been fishing here for 30 years, and I have come across a few deformed fish, but never anything quite like this.”

Warrick added that it’s amazing the fish was alive.

Although he usually uses deformed fish for fertilizer, he put the double-mouthed bream in the freezer this time and took pictures that his wife uploaded online.

In the past, Warrick has also discovered a fish with a dolphin-shaped head.

Sources: DailyMail, Boston News Time / Photo Credit: Garry Warrick, WikiCommons