Watch: Fisherman Catches 552-Pound Grouper From Kayak (Video)

| by Tony Tran

A video (shown below) has surfaced online of a fisherman catching a gigantic grouper fish from his kayak.

The fish — weighing in at 552 lbs — was caught by Jon Black, the owner of the Crazy Lure Bait & Tackle Shop in Cape Coral, Florida, and is already being heralded by fishing experts as the largest bottom fish ever caught from a kayak.

On the video, Black can be seen struggling to reel in a fish he hooked in Sanibel, Florida. As he begins to pull the fish up, his rod bends and strains under the weight of his catch.

As the fish surfaces, onlookers in the video can be heard gasping. Black appears elated though, even when the fish breaks his fishing rod in half.

“He broke the rod!” Black shouts. “Oh Jesus! Holy cow!”

He eventually gets the fish to shore, where it was measured to be 83 inches long with a 73-inch girth.

“I thought he was going to kill me,” Black says.

Previously, the biggest fish caught from a kayak was a mere 39 inches and roughly half the size of Black’s fish.

The grouper was later released in accordance to a law in place to protect the species.

The Crazy Lure Bait & Tackle Shop shared their owner’s achievement on their Facebook page and also gave a stern warning to wannabe copycats.

“Fishing from a kayak for these fish is very dangerous,” the statement reads, “so please do not undertake something like this on your own.”

Source: The Daily MailFOX 

Photo Credit: GrindTV