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What Happens When A Husky Is Home Alone (Photos)

| by Zara Zhi

Pet owners often take a risk whenever they step outside the door and leave their animals home alone for long periods. But one family left the dog alone for three hours to see a movie and came back to what looked like a crime scene.

It appears the dog got into some calligraphy ink and its prints can be seen on every surface -- from behind the sofa to under the tables. Even the beige tile floors fell victim to the mischievous dog.

The photos reveal a large pool of black ink all over the family’s hallway. Random objects, such as purses and shoes, are scattered all over the floor and have been dirtied. Based on the paw patterns, the dog was pacing back and forth waiting for its beloved owners.

The pictures were shared on social media on April 4 and have since gone viral with more than 335,000 views on Imgur in two days. Commenters seemed to love the photos.

User ForeverGratefulinVT wrote: “One paw print on the bed: "wait, I'm not allowed on the bed. I'm such a good boy."

Davetrue78 wrote: “What you don't know is that giant squid broke into the house to steal their jewelry, and the dog is actually a hero, and fought it off.”

Raviov quips: “He is Jackson Pawlock.”

goddamnLocknessMonster jokes: “that dog has taken more steps in 3 hours than i have in a year.”

Nicercy says: “Honey, I’m gonna kill the dog.”

FsImgur writes: Well, it’s pretty clear – this dog sucks at calligraphy.”

XsteveJ says: “I’ll take “Reasons I Don’t Have a Husky” for $800.”

The original poster confessed that the pictures were not of his dog or house, but belonged to one of his friends and said the mess was successfully cleaned up. He also assured users the ink was a traditional Chinese calligraphy ink that's nontoxic to animals.

According to Metro, the damage done by the husky was so bad the family had to do extensive repairs.

Sources: Imgur, Metro / Photo credit: Imgur

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