Family Shocked To Discover Mountain Lion Inside Live Fox Trap (Video)

| by Dominic Kelly

A man in South Dakota was shocked to discover that a mountain lion had gotten caught in a live trap his family set up to catch foxes, and the entire ordeal was captured on camera.

In the viral clip, the man, reportedly named Justin Casey, explains that they didn’t expect to find a mountain lion in a fox trap at their home in the Black Hills National Forest.

“I just came down to check my boys' fox trap this morning…they use a live trap so they can let animals go,” Casey says in the video. “When we came down here we had an unexpected surprise – a beautiful lion in the trap, and she is not happy.”

Casey goes on to explain that capturing mountain lions is illegal, so he was going to try to release it carefully back into the wilderness.

“Mountain lion season is going on right now, but it’s illegal to trap lions, so we’re going to let her go and hopefully she makes it through the season without somebody shooting her,” Casey says.

The man gently unhinges the door to the trap and let’s the mountain lion go unharmed. Even though Casey and his wife let the animal go, online commenters blasted them for having one of these traps to begin with.

“The only animals in this video are the two with the camera!! Such trap shouldn't even exist!” one user wrote.

What do you make of this this now viral clip? Check it out below.

Sources: The Inquisitr, The Telegraph / Photo Sources: The Telegraph, The Inquisitr