Family Dog Brutally Beaten During Home Burglary; Police ID Suspect on Home-Surveillance Video

| by Phyllis M Daugherty

San Jose Police have released clips from a neighbor's home-surveillance video in the hope they will lead to the arrest of two men suspected of burglarizing a house and severely injuring a family dog last week, according to the Mercury News.


The video has led to the identification of one suspect who is being actively sought  A color photo of  Josiah Johnson, 18, of San Jose, is being circulated and shown on media outlets to assist the police in their search.


Investigators are also seeking a second person in connection with the break-in and brutal attack on the small, defenseless family pet.


An 18-pound Pomeranian-mix dog, named Boba, was the victim of a brutal and senseless attack during a residential burglary on the 1200 block of Culpepper Drive. San Jose, that left him injured and bleeding on Friday morning, NBCBayArea News reports.


The report to police of possible burglary and animal cruelty was made just after 11 a.m.  When the homeowner arrived at his house, he was far less concerned about what had been stolen than he was about the disturbing condition of Boba, his best friend, whom he says sleeps with him and is his constant companion.


Tony, whose last name is being withheld at his request, told NBC that from all the blood he saw, he first thought Boba was dead,  but he found him hiding on the patio. He appeared to have been kicked and beaten, blood was dried and caked all over his body and he was hardly recognizable.


"He was so bloody we couldn't even recognize him," Tony told reporters, “When I got home, it was already dry, but it was just sticky on his face, from the top of his head, his face, and all over his was all bleeding."


Boba was taken to a local veterinary hospital immediately and is now home and expected to make a complete recovery. Tony told NBC that no laptops, jewelry or other items mattered as much as what was done to Boba, “Like my dog is everything to me,” he said.


The home-surveillance video just released by police shows the two suspects passing by a neighbor's home earlier in the day, then later dragging a wheeled bag that police say belonged to the burglarized home, the Mercury News reports.


San Jose Police are asking anyone with information about the case or the whereabouts of the suspect, to contact police at 408-277-4166 or leave a tip with Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers at 408-947-STOP (7867) or with


Sources: NBC, Mercury News