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Animal Rights

Dog Returned To High-Kill Shelter For Farting Too Much Finds New Home

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A South Carolina family returned a 1-year-old pit bull to a high-kill shelter because she “passes too much gas.”

The dog, Misty, was returned to Greenville County Pet Rescue last month because the owners said they couldn’t tolerate her flatulence.

With little space, the shelter was forced to put her on an “urgent” list, which meant she would be euthanized if a new owner wasn’t found.

When a picture of Misty posted to the shelter’s Facebook page went viral, many offered to buy her special treats for her sensitive stomach.

One family came forward to give her a new home.

"We are still evaluating her and have a foster for her," Susan Bufano, a shelter spokesperson, told Huffington Post. "We anticipate finding her a home."

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