Dog Fighting in Svaneti: English Russia Blog Posts Dog Fighting as Entertainment and ‘Comfort’ (Photos)

| by Phyllis M Daugherty

On March 6, Ukraine's acting president accused Russia of pre-Georgia (2008) open-aggression tactics in Crimea, as the world focuses on the serious threat of war in this region. That same day "team" posted graphic photos of (illegal) dog fighting on the English Russia (Georgia) blog, touted as,"The most popular blog about this part of the world with a twist." All content is "submitted by readers through feedback or acquired through open sources," the disclaimer states, "Welcome and stay comforted."

Following the traditions of Svaneti (Georgia) dogs for fighting meet on neutral territory, because Svans believe that the dog fighting on its own territory has an advantage. It is strictly forbidden. Dogs from both sides come accompanied by several cars with supporters. The road quickly gets blocked, as more and more cars arrive for the spectacle, and in such a situation nobody shows impatience or displease.

Owners of dogs start negotiating several months before the event. If a fighter is too famous or strong it becomes difficult to find an opponent. Nobody wants to lose. So such preparatory negotiations may last for a month or two…

The battle takes place right on the road. When the cars reach the road sign showing the boarder of the village they stop, surround a small area on the road and let dogs and their owners show up. After the signal both dogs get unleashed.

During a fight it’s dangerous to come too close. They may bite you too.

As a rule, it’s the more experienced dog that wins. Strength is also important, but those dogs that have no experience usually lose.

Source: English Russia